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There’s no reason to get upset and feel like you have to change who you are.  Mommy and daddy love you regardless.  So don’t feel bad for how you act or for what you like.  A little abdl counseling might help you come to terms with who you are and your direction in life.  Mommy will always love you and so will daddy.

That diaper fetish you have is no big deal, I promise.  Mommy likes babying you and changing your dirty diapers.  It warms mommy’s heart to lay you down next to mommy and let you nurse from mommy when ever you are hungry or sleepy.  Mommy just loves her little adult babies.

And daddy daughter little girl time is the sweetest thing ever for mommy to witness.  Daddy dotes on his sweet princess. He gives her her baths, and diapers her bottom and then takes such good care of her and all her needs.  Such a good daddy!

You will always be the apple of our eyes.  Mommy and daddy will never stop loving you no matter what you do in life.  You will always be our babies.  And we will always protect you as much as we can.  And for those times when necessary, we will be here to comfort you after a bad day.

So come on sweet babies and climb up here with mommy and daddy and let’s all cuddle.  We can snuggle and watch a spooky movie since it’s that time of year.  Mommy will hold you when you get scared and daddy will be here to protect us all.  Nothing bad will happen to you while mommy and daddy are here.

Diapers are so much fun.  There are so many colors and designs to choose from, we will have so much fun playing.  And mommy and daddy like to make their little ones feel really good in their diapers.  Those little wiggles are adorable and breathy moans that escape are like music to mommy’s ears.

Diapers are meant to be used for all of baby’s messes.  From peepee, to poopy, to sticky cummies.  A warm squishy diaper is the best, there’s nothing that compares.  The closest is when baby is curled against mommy’s body.  And mommy can’t help herself, when it comes to a soggy diaper, mommy can’t keep her hands off.  Mommy loves squeezing that thick heavy wet diaper.

Once mommy starts playing with a squishy diaper, mommy doesn’t stop until baby squirts for mommy again.  Mommy just loves feeling the warmth spread through your diaper and seeing the blissful look on your cute flushed face.

Mommy and daddy are so proud of their adult babies.  We just love playing with you and showing you off.  All our friends are jealous they don’t have beautiful babies just like you to enjoy.  Told you mommy and daddy love you just the way you are.  Forever and ever!

Would you like to be a cherished adult baby that is adored and loved?  If so give Mommy Candy a call and let’s get started.

Mommy Candy


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