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Justin Loves To Age Regress, Though He Was Forced The First Time
July 19, 2021
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Lovely Lorraine Loves Licking Lubricated Genitals
July 26, 2021




That’s right.  Mommy is in control.  Anything and everything mommy says goes!  And mommy just loves making her little ones do as they are told.  Whether they want to or not… hehe.

Through abdl hypnosis, mommy can and will make you do all sorts of fun stuff that mommy will thoroughly enjoy.  Mommy can make all her thoughts a reality with just a snap of her fingers.  Mommy loves to snicker and giggle at your loss of control.  One minute you are sitting and playing with your toys like a good baby and the next… SNAP!  You stop what you are doing, sitting there in a trance, waiting for mommy’s command.

And as an abdl mommy, I can’t help but enjoy the sight of you humping your diaper until you explode your sticky cummies all over the inside of your soft thick diaper.  Makes mommy wet with excitement as I watch and listen to you moan with each thrust.  Seeing your little face scrunch up as pump all your creamy mess out.

Then with another SNAP of my fingers, you stop grinding and look at mommy, waiting for your next instructions.  Such a good baby, now crawl to mommy and spread mommy’s legs wide and lick mommy’s wet pussy clean.  Mmmmm good boy.

As mommy leans back, she feels your talented tongue probe deeper, licking and sucking out all of mommy’s pussy juices.  Oh yes such a good diaper baby for mommy!  Keep licking and show mommy how good you are at pleasing mommy.  Make mommy squirt all over your face.

With ABDL Stacey, you can tell mommy your darkest deepest secrets.  Mommy will help you embrace your kinky side.  You can open up and talk to mommy about anything and everything.  Mommy loves it all.

Anything is possible at phoneamommy, let your imagination go wild and experience the greatest release ever!!  Open your mind, lay back and let mommy take over.  Mommy Candy just adores her little ones and can never get enough play time.

All play, all naughty, all the time hehe.  There’s nothing that mommy won’t do or try.  So don’t be scared, don’t be shy and call mommy today for the ultimate fun.

Mommy is available 24/7, so there is no logical reason why you can’t call and play with mommy at anytime.  Mommy enjoys it all and will gladly role play any way you want.  Do you need a mommy to discipline you and spank that little bottom until it stings and turns bright red?  Do you need mommy to diaper and cuddle you, holding you in mommy’s lap as you nurse?  Do you need a mommy that is going to fuck you good and hard and leave you exhausted?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you definitely need to call Mommy Candy.

No fetish if off limits and nothing is taboo when it comes to playing with mommy.  So let your wild side free and let mommy take you on a wild ride!

ABDL Mommy Candy


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