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February 23, 2021
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February 28, 2021




As mommy walks into the nursery, she smells something in the air.  Someone has made a stinky mess in their diaper.  With a sniff, mommy follows her nose to the little stinker.

Soon mommy finds the dirty diaper culprit.  Mommy stands over you as you slowly rock back and forth in your messy stench.  Mommy just loves abdl roleplay with her little ones.  And mommy knows how much you love playing in your poopy diapers.

The warm poop spreading as you move, feeling it squish between your cheeks every time you lean forward to reach for a toy.  Mommy loves watching as your little face changes with the sensations in your diaper.  With every movement, a small gasp escapes your lips.

Scat phone sex with mommy is the best.  And you can tell mommy all about how turned on you get playing in your poopy diaper.  How good that warm stinky squishy diaper feels against your aroused body.  The more you rock, the louder your little moans get.

Soon the room echoes with your grunts of pleasure as you hump faster and faster.  Mommy watches as your cheeks flush and your breathing quickens.  Mmmm soon that stinky diaper will also be sticky.  And mommy just loves a full diaper.

After baby has finished in that very soggy diaper, mommy is going to have to give you a very thorough bath to get every little crevice cleaned.  Mommy knows the excitement you feel as you wait for a new fresh diaper to fill again.  A soft crisp diaper to pee and poop in, to feel it get wet and squishy under your little bottom as you potty in pure bliss.

Mommy leaves you to play in the nursery and when she returns shortly thereafter, mommy catches you with your poopy diaper open and you rubbing yourself.  Oh my!  Already playing in that stinky diaper, someone just can’t get enough hehe.  It looks like another bath will definitely be needed.

Those dirty little fingers buried in your very poopy diaper makes for a very happy baby.  Mommy loves when the nursery is filled with the sounds of laughter, moans, and screams of pleasure.  Mommy decides to sit in the chair in the corner and watch all her little ones enjoy themselves and each other.

All the fun being had makes mommy’s fingers wander over her body.  Brushing over her hard nipples, running down across her trembling tummy before dipping between her tightened thighs to that very wet pussy.  Mommy moans quietly as her fingers brush over that swollen excited clit.

For out of this world roleplay phone sex, mommy loves all fetishes and everything sexual.  Mommy is always horny and ready to play with her little ones.  And nothing is off limits or taboo with Mommy Candy.  Mommy enjoys making her little ones happy and nothing better than an excited baby in the throws of orgasmic bliss.

Don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to call mommy anytime… mommy is available to play with little ones 24/7!

Mommy Candy


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