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November 6, 2021
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abdlI am Nanny London and my abdl is named Clair.  When Clair and I initially connected it was because she needed a mommy, but not just any mommy – she needed one that was also a nanny so that is why she reached to me right away via telephone at the best phone sex company in the world at phone a mommy. She did not have a mommy when she was younger as she was abandoned as a child and had to be raised by her granny.  Initially I thought that she was looking for granny phone sex when she told me about her childhood past but after speaking to her she relayed to me that I was what she needed.  It is important to know that just as a nanny/mommy chooses her baby the baby also chooses her nanny/mommy also.

My first order of things was to make sure to remind Clair that as she is a baby, she needs to understand that she ought to be in the proper attire and that attire has to be diapers.  Diapers/Pampers/Plastic Pants – they all go together like a moth to a flame.  She understood the need for diapers and that they are necessary but in her case she needed the discipline that comes along with that and she therefore needed diaper bdsm.  When we roleplayed it was a bit of a tug of war when it came to me having to change Clair’s diapers.

She would consistently be difficult and have me chase her around the house as she was content with having her little pussy and ass be saturated in her wet diaper.  As I grew tired with her little games and my persuasive ways were not getting to her, that was when I caught her and placed her over my knees and spanked her silly.  Though she protested and cried, she finally gave in and understood that acting up and misbehaving with me will always have consequences and a sore and red little bottom just happens to be what comes with the territory.

After she apologized to me and promised to be a good girl, that was when I was glad to take her on my lap and press her face against my breasts and rocked her until she fell asleep. I am her nanny and I am her mommy so I am exactly what she needs.

I am exactly what you need, as you need someone to remind you that you belong in diapers and you need to have not just anyone put you in them and change you out of them when they are soiled.  I am who you need as I am Nanny London and I may not be a rocket scientist but I do know how to take care of all of my babies and that means that I know exactly how to take care of you – so go to the phone right now and give me a call at 888-430-2010 and let me take care of you.



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