A Girl With Curly Hair and a killing look
Happy Mother’s Day!
May 8, 2016
adult baby nursery 300x200 1
Such A Busy Nursery
May 15, 2016

I get a variety of calls from my Adult Baby Boys and Girls wanting me to be the sweet loving Mommy and take them back to their childhood or wanting me to be the mean Mommy punishing them for something they have done.  All of them are my favorites though since I just love talking to all the Adult Baby Boys and Girls out there.  I am always coming up with new scenarios we can talk about and some on the more adult side of things as well. I would love to hear all your fantasies and be able to make everyone’s dreams come true. The wilder the better since then I get to put my imagination into overdrive. I also have a special love for all my Sissy Adult Baby’s that have accepted their role in life and the need to be dominated and humiliated, but also loved and cherished.  So whatever your pleasure is, please do find me in the ABDL Chat Room and we can talk about it before you call me and make your fondest wishes come to life.



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