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November 5, 2019
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Petticoat Punishment for Naughty Man
November 12, 2019
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Do you really think that you could hide the fact that you have a dirty diaper from me? If I could ignore the fact that you tucked behind the end of the couch, trying to act like you were playing hide and seek, maybe it would have worked. If I could ignore the way your face scrunched up and turned cherry red, maybe it could have worked. The noises you make might be a little harder but I could manage it. The smell of a stinky diapered abdl is impossible to ignore! That means it is definitely time for a diaper change, whether you like it or not! Babies don’t get a choice about this, so it’s time to lay down with your legs in the air while I clean your dirty little bottom. You can suck on your paci and cuddle your teddy while I do it to keep you calm and relaxed. Is it really time for your diaper change? Call me for some adult baby phone sex for just what you need!



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