Hot femboy wearing the Dirt white adult diaper
Dirty Diaper Danny
April 13, 2020
Girl wearing the plastic pants abdl sissy baby adult baby diaper
The Beauty of Sissy Babies!
April 17, 2020
abdl mommy, infantilism

A great breakfast is the best way to start the day, any good mommy will tell you that, and it’s especially true for abdl’s! It’s important to give them that first boost of energy in the morning, through an excellent breakfast. Whether it’s bowl of cereal or cream of wheat or a jar of pureed yummy things, everything tastes better when you are sitting in a highchair. I’ve been told that quite often so I know it must be true! Or maybe not everything… I don’t know of any baby that would say those things (even if they’re sitting in a highchair) are better than a warm tummy full of Mommy’s milk! Sitting in your abdl mommy’s lap or laying down next to her while you suck at her nipples like a good baby should has to be better than most anything else! I know you have to agree with me, so why don’t you call me for some age play phone sex so you can tell me just what you like the most!



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