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March 18, 2021
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March 22, 2021

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I am fondly reminiscing about a fun time that I had when I role-played with my adult baby diaper lover name Bartholomew.  He was really a special kind of abdl baby because he always told me that no matter what I told him to do, without question – he would gladly do it.  I have had instances in the past where I was on the phone speaking to other abdls and they tried to challenge me when it came down to incest chat, but with Bartholomew – I did not have that issue.

When someone is a submissive it is an honor to both the top and the bottom.  The reason being, is because you as a top is the one that is responsible for your bottom and you always must have their best interests at heart. Whether you play with that submissive in a nurturing or in a stern way, there should never be a situation where lines are ever crossed to make role-play a detriment to a submissive. If the submissive is due to be punished, it always needs to be in the context of what you discussed with him or her prior to role-playing.

A submissive also ought to be given credit when he or she seeks out a dominant who can fill the void that they came to the dominant with and he or she must be open enough to trust that the wall of protection can be removed in order to allow a dominant to guide and lead them where they ought to go where abdl sex is concerned.

My baby Bartholomew is the perfect combination of a submissive who blindly submits to me without question and would eat from me without any worry that what I put into his mouth would cause him any harm.  This is the type of chemistry that many in the abdl lifestyle, desperately yearn to have and I can proudly say that I have this trusting dominant/submissive relationship with my baby Bartholomew.

Bartholomew was always curious about diaper bondage as he shared this with me through one of our many role-play phone sessions. We discussed in advance the many varieties of things we could do in order to ensure safe and sexy play.  I had him purchase a disposable enema along with a tiny butt plug and some lube and we had a little fun with the process of deflowering his anus.  Years of fear of playing with his anus was lifted once I explained to him that it is a sexual area and it is not just limited to waste.

As a matter of fact, I told Bartholomew -“why waste the time that you can experience anal pleasure just only on waste?” He trusted that I would not guide him down the wrong path and he took a deep breath, lubed his asshole up very well and he inhaled as he released the enema water into himself and he held it as best as he could.  Bartholomew started to leak and that was when I told him to insert the 3-inch butt plug into his ass, put on a diaper them lock it and wait patiently for my further instructions. The reality hit him that he was in a diaper with a butt plug in his ass and he was filled to capacity with enema water and that excited him.

Bartholomew told me that his meaty cock was so rock hard being under submission to me and he was so powerless that he could not make any move without my permission. No matter how he was feeling at the time, he was going to be a good baby and ‘tough it out’ as best as he could. I could easily hear him breathing heavily over the phone and I also heard him shaking profusely and I told him to take a few more deep breaths and to take control of his bowels and not have his bowel take control of him.

I heard Bartholomew roll around on the floor a few time until he settled into the fetal position on the floor and  told me that he was holding his stomach as it was cramping up – yet I told him that it still was not time to release.  He begged for me to have him release a few more times and I told him he could hold it just a little bit longer, and when I timed the intervals between each breath he took – as they got so close to one another I told him to calm down.  He tried his best and I instructed him to unlock his diaper, open it up, pull out his butt plug and release his shit all over the open diaper and with much happiness, he did and a few seconds after that Bartholomew came.



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