Nanny London Is Here For You
October 18, 2021
Mommy's Licking Pussy
London’s ABDL Jenny Takes It In The Ass With Pleasure
October 18, 2021

I know that you want to have fun and I know that you want to play and that is exactly why you need to call Mommy Vicky today.  You have been waiting for too long and you have not been strong so you need to this right away.  I love to have fun and I really love to play so get ready to call me so please don’t delay.  I love to have plushies and bottles around and even some paci’s in the playpen on the ground.  We can sing songs and use toys to play as when you are with me, Mommy Vicky – plan to have the very best day.  I love to play with ABDLS as they are the best in the world and I don’s care if the ABDL is a boy or a girl.  So, don’t you dare worry just relax and unwind and pick up the phone to call me with a bottle of milk or of wine. I am here for you to be free and enjoy and you need to be transparent and honest with me and not coy. So give me a call at this number right now and let us have a great time 888-430-2010.



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