Mommy's Breast Feeding Sex
Mommy Vicky Teases Darren Her ABDL With Her Sweet Tits
October 18, 2021
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October 18, 2021

I am Nanny London and I am here for you. I can be your nanny or I can be your mommy.  No matter what we chose to do, it will be something that you will enjoy.   I love to feed you my breasts and from them you will drink and suck my sweet mammary glands. I will hold you in my arms so gently and rock you back ad forth and I will make you feel like the most loved baby in the entire world.  When you are in my arms surrounded by my sweet breasts you will be so coddled and protected. Nothing will bother you anymore, I will make sure of it and I will be more than happy to separate your diaper from the side so that I can use my hand to finger your sweet little pussy.  I will rub your soft and slippery cunt and make sure that all of your creamy pussy juices end up on my fingers and when you are done sucking on my breasts you will suck my fingers off and taste your own sweet pussy juices.  You will enjoy your cummies from my fingers and then I will make sure to stick at least two of them in your pretty little tight asshole afterwards.




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