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June 12, 2022
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June 19, 2022



Calling All Cuties: Mommy Candy is looking for some cute little ones to play with. There’s lots of fun stuff we can do to each other and together. With Abdl, mommy has tons of diapers, baby wipes, powder, and cute little outfits to dress you in. Mommy will make you her sweet little diaper baby.

For those DDLG (daddy girls), as much fun as daddy can be, sometimes you just need a girl’s day. And that’s what Mommy is here for. We can go shopping and talk about Daddy the whole time. Giggle as we share secrets about how naughty Daddy can be.

At phone a mommy, all fetishes are welcome. Nothing is off limits or considered taboo when it comes to fantasy fun. If you can think it, then mommy will make it come true. Mommy loves it all, and nothing is ever too naughty for Mommy.

We can share our deepest secrets and darkest desires. We can escape reality for a bit and enjoy ourselves while we do it. Give mommy a call and tell me all about what gets you turned on and excited to the point of needing an orgasmic release.

Mommy will sit next to you and pull your hard cock from your pants. Wrapping her delicate hand around the girth. Feeling you throb and hearing you gasp as mommy starts squeezing. Slowly sliding my hand up and down the length, your hips lifting slightly, trying to hump up into mommy’s hand.

Mommy will take your hand and guide it between her thighs to that moist cleft. Mommy will trap your hand there, squeezing her thighs tightly closed. Soon, mommy feels your fingers begin to explore. As mommy strokes your dripping dick, she feels you rub mommy’s clitoral area, causing mommy to arch her back slightly.

As mommy’s body raises up just a little, you slide your fingers between mommy’s swollen pussy lips.  Mommy starts jerking your cock harder and faster, matching your fingers pushing in and out of her. Soon moans and whimpers are heard as both of us get closer to cumming.

Make mommy squirt all over your fingers and hand as mommy leans down and sucks the tip of your dick into her hot mouth. I swirl my tongue all around as I lick the pre-cum oozing from your slit. Your balls tighten and your hips jerk as you explode into mommy’s mouth. Mommy suckers every drop of cum from your cock and balls, draining you of every last yummy bit.

Mommy licks her lips, making sure she gets every drop. You pull your hand from between mommy’s legs and slowly lick each finger clean of mommy’s sticky pussy juices. Now get on your knees and lick the rest of mommy’s pussycat clean.

When you’re done, mommy pulls you towards her and kisses you deeply. Our cum-covered tongues are dancing with one another. Mommy just loves the taste of creamy cum. For more exciting fun, call Mommy today and let’s get started. Mommy will have you cuddling in no time at all. click here

Mommy Candy


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