Amanda Gets Some Encouragement to Use Her Diapers!
Abdl is Forced to Use Their Diaper!
August 16, 2022
Mommy’s Little Toilet
August 21, 2022



Come Curl Up With Mommy: Come crawl up here with mommy and let mommy take good care of you. Mommy just loves breastfeeding her little one. Have you snuggle up with mommy and let you enjoy mommy’s milk. While you nurse from mommy, mommy will milk you of all your creamy cummies.

Mommy will wrap her hand around your peepee as you suck mommy’s nipple into your mouth. Mommy’s hand is moving up and down, squeezing and rubbing you. Mommy just loves to hear your gasps and moans as you get closer and closer to cumming.

Let mommy take care of all your needs. Mommy’s full breasts and hard nipples are all for you. Just lay back and enjoy. Imagine mommy’s warm, sweet milk squirting into your mouth. Imagine mommy’s fist wrapped around your hard, throbbing peepee.

There’s nothing better than cuddling with mommy’s little one. Having you lay beside mommy as you sucking from her The feel of your lips around mommy’s hard nipple makes mommy’s pussy wet. Mommy loves making you feel good.

Mommy starts stroking you harder and faster, feeling you throb in her hand. Your peepee is getting wetter and wetter with pre-cum. It slowly drips down the length of your shaft as mommy uses your sticky goo as lube to jerk you off.

As you milk Mommy, Mommy will milk you. Mommy will squeeze out every last drop of cumin. You will squirt hard for mommy and then curl up against her and take a nap. It’s tiring work being an adult baby. So lay your head against Mommy and close your eyes.

Mommy and baby can cozy up, mommy’s arms wrapped around you as you slowly fall asleep. Watching your eyes drift closer and hearing your breathing soften. Soon mommy’s baby will be sound asleep with sweet dreams.

Mommy kisses the top of your head as you snooze in her arms. Your naked body pressed against mommy. Your soft peepee is drained and limps against mommy’s thigh. Mommy brushes your hair back from your face and smiles down at you.

There’s nothing more precious than a sleeping little one. The weight of your body slumped against Mom. The faint sound of your snoring as you enjoy the aftereffects of cuddling for mommy Mommy lets you sleep and quietly cleans you up and diapers you.

We don’t want any accidents, especially all over Mommy and the bed. No worries as you drift in dream land. Your diaper is ready for any messes, and mommy is always ready to change that diaper when it gets nice and full. Your diaper, heavy with potty and squishy when mommy squeezes it, lets mommy know when you need that pamper changed.

Would you like to cuddle with mommy and nurse from mommy? Fill up the little belly with mommy’s milk, then fill up that diaper for mommy to change? If so, then call Mommy anytime for the ultimate one-on-one care. Mommy will take very good care of you.

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ABDL Mommy Candy



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