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Feeding And Playing With My Abdl
July 18, 2019
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Abdl Diaper Naughty Fun
July 21, 2019

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During all of the time I have spent chatting with my age play littles, there seems to be something that creeps up on them from time to time. Being a little is not something that is always easy, and there are many different reasons for why that is. One big problem for many littles is that when the perfect time has come and they are free to engage in age regression, they find mental blocks to be keeping them from reaching that perfect little headspace. Sometimes, the world outside is just too big and noisy, and no matter what you do, you just cannot keep it from prodding away while you are trying to focus on your needs. This is one reason why I made sure to completely remodel my in-home nursery, ensuring that the moment you step into it, you are filled with every sensation of being small. The walls are bright and the carpets are so fluffy so that if you fall asleep playing with your stuffies, you are nice and cozy. I have this comfy bed all made up in your favorite colors and prints, making sure there are plenty of pillows and a cute little nightlight nearby so that you are not scared in the middle of the night because it gets dark. There are those out there who do not see just how crucial it is for a caregiver to make sure everything is in place for their little ones to properly regress. Infantilism is another side of the same coin, and these babies require even more care in helping them into their proper headspace. Plenty of diapers of cloth and plastic, as well as plastic pants and diaper pins must be kept close at hand when my adult babies make their way into the nursery. Without proper preparation, a simple feeding of an ABie can turn into a huge stinky mess that I have to spend hours cleaning up. I am not new to the world of taking care of the sweet littles and adult babies that come my way, and that does wonders to help them and me!
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