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February 12, 2022
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February 13, 2022


Incest Is The Best: Mommy Candy just loves special time with family. Through mommy roleplay, you can experience that same special time with mommy. Mommy promises she will make you feel so good. Remember, there’s nothing better than a mother’s love.

Let’s dabble in a little incest phone sex. Mommy will whisk you away for some naughty fun. Just mommy and her son. Mommy enjoys getting fucked just as much as she enjoys fucking her little ones. With Mommy, you don’t have to worry about social graces, dating, or the awkward first kiss.

Mommy is ready to let you do anything and everything you want to do. With incest, we can just get right to the fun. And for mommy’s diaper lovers, mommy knows just what to do for her babies. Mommy will be your favorite girl to play with. Mommy will be the only female you will want to be with.

Come into mommy’s room and crawl under the covers with mommy. Mommy is naked and waiting for you. There’s nothing better than the bond between a mother and her son. So, let’s get naughty and enjoy each other over and over. Mommy wants to feel your warm body pressed against hers.

Mommy wants to feel your hard dick rubbing and dripping against her body. Mommy loves sliding her hands over your aching body, from head to toe. Feeling you tremble under her fingertips. The moans that escape your mouth as mommy wraps her hand around your throbbing cock are music to the ears.

Kiss mommy all over and make mommy melt. Make mommy’s pussy swell with pleasure as it gets wetter and wetter. Mommy loves spending special time with her boy. Knowing that mommy is your first in everything and that mommy has taught you so well on how to please a girl, makes mommy’s pussy even wetter.

Show mommy how good a teacher she is, and show mommy how good a student you are. That you have learned how to make Mommy squeal and squirt. And that’s just with your fingers and mouth. Mommy can barely wait to feel your hard cock penetrate all of mommy’s holes.

First in mommy’s mouth and throat, making mommy gag on that big dick. Mommy’s spit and slobber cover your cock and drip down our full balls. Getting that Dick nice and wet before you fuck Mommy hard and fast. Mommy’s pussycat is drenched already.

Mommy can hardly contain herself, thinking about you fucking that hungry pussy and that tight ass. Mommy knows you will fuck Mommy so good. That you will stretch Mom and then fill her with your hot, sticky cum. That mommy will be leaking her son’s creamy congee for hours.

Like they say, Incest is the best; it puts your family to the test! And this is one test mommy and son will not fail. Mommy knows you love our special time just as much as she does. So, let’s get started. The sooner the better. Call Mommy Candy now for unforgettable fun. Click Here

Mommy Candy


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