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August 22, 2021
Diaper Girl Strapped Down To Bed With An Electronic Dildo In Her
I Just Love When Mommy Takes Control
August 28, 2021


Malia was a true diaper girl, she always knew this and she knew that it is was never going to change.  She discovered diapers when she was younger of course and she got an affinity to them and she knew that she was never going to be without them for the rest of her life and they will always be a part of her.  When she got her menstrual cycle – when most wore pads, she would wear diapers.  She loved them all! The touch, the feel, the look and the smell and for some of the crinkly ones – she also loved the sound that they would make. Wearing diapers and loving it so much is what makes her a true adult baby diaper lover.

For her, it is more than a fetish, it is reality.  Her clothes that she buys all accommodate her diapers and she loved to color coordinate the diaper that she has underneath with the clothes that she wears outside.  For a while, before she met me – she told me that she used to be the little girl to a man who lived across the street in her neighborhood and her parents had no clue about it.  He was under the guise as a math tutor and the professional tutor and student relationship turned into something more.  It was not log until he started referring to her – behind closed doors as his daughter and she referred to him as her daddy.

The daddy daughter sex that they engaged in was so much more than just the physical, because they meshed so well that it also became spiritual.  Daddy sex with a girl who is a barely legal abdl with a tight, young body with an amazing pair of tits, ass and pussy made her daddy feel like if he was in heaven.  Too bad he passed in a car accident and she was devastated until she went to therapy to deal with the pain and it was at that point that she opened up her heart to trying to play with someone again and that is when she discovered me, her Nanny London.

We play all day and all night – we do whatever it is that feels right.  Whether it is oral on each other where she tastes my mature pussy and I lick her young pussy. Or, I make her suck on my tits as if she was breastfeeding and I will use my fingers to peel open her cunt lips and then glide the as far back as her A-spot, which is right before I hit her cervix.  As I finger her, I could literally feel the juices from her wet, young cunt, dripping on my fingers and as it trickles down her asshole it leaves a puddle of pussy cream on my thighs. That when I would bend her over on the bed and open my mouth and alternate between licking her ass and her pussy while I rub her little clitty and then she would cum.



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