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It’s Spanksgiving – So Bend Over Bitch!
November 22, 2020
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Babies Aren’t As Sneaky As They Think!
November 22, 2020

Oh my gosh, babies… This hot MILF of yours has been suffering so badly lately… Why, you ask? Well, Mommy’s big old titties have been oh so sore recently.. I was stumped at first, wondering what could make them ache so badly all of the sudden… I was so very confused and then I woke up the other morning and saw two big puddles underneath me in bed. What in the world had caused it? Well, it was not until I took a look down at my nightgown that I saw there was a puddle on each of my breasts… I was lactating! And heavily! The way this milk was flowing, I had more than enough to fill the tummies of countless ABDL cuties, and this was without even having a little one latched and sucking or a breast pump working me over. I was shocked and I will admit, that I was also pleasantly surprised. No mixing formula or having to heat the bottles to the perfect temperature today! This Mommy was overflowing in fresh hot breast milk and we were going to take advantage of each and every drop! I made my way down the hallway, looking up and down the length of it at all of the various room and doors that housed my many, many adult babies and diaper lovers, ready to get into some sweet abdl breastfeeding with them all. They all had growling tummies this morning, and my heavy leaky breasts were more than ready to get the job done, and then some! I chose the door closest to me and scooped one of my still very sleepy adult babies up out of his crib and into my arms before making our way over to the nearest rocking chair. I plopped into it, tugging my shirt down and watching that cute little ABie’s face absolutely light up when he watched my big breast tumble and jiggle out right in front of his already pursed lips. He latched on immediately, reaching up to squeeze and massage my breast as he sucked away so hard and eager that I could hear it as I rocked and stroked him. Ohhh did it feel good. My swollen breasts practically pumped the warm breastmilk out on their own, they were so full, and it was all but spewing into my baby’s hot little mouth as quickly as he was able to swallow it. This was only the first baby and there was no sign of the flow stopping. In fact, it seemed to be getting faster, and I was glad because these babies could really suck down some of mommy’s milk! That little tummy was sooo full and bloated, I thought my little one might have to roll himself over to his nap mat. But he was full and I was ready to fill every tummy!

Mommy Candy
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