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May 22, 2023
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May 28, 2023




Mommy went shopping today and found something that we will all enjoy.  They are perfect for anyone and everyone.  From mommy to sissy, these pretty pink panties will look good on all.  So let’s have some fun, shall we?

A little modelling show for mommy, parade around in your new panties and show them off to mommy.  Let mommy see how cute you look in them.  Let mommy see how sexy you look.  Strut around and shake that booty for mommy.  They feel good, don’t they?

Soft and silky between your cheeks and thighs.  Rubbing on your groin and causing you to get excited.  Show mommy how excited you are.  Turn and face mommy and let mommy see.  Mommy reaches out and flicks her fingers over your little bulge.

Mommy feels it tremble under her finger tips.  Mommy just loves to hear the small breathy gasp that slips past your slightly open mouth.  Panting in your panties for mommy.  Mommy notices a wet spot appearing on the front of your pantied crotch.

Soon that wet spot grows bigger and bigger.  As does what’s inside your diaper.  Swollen and throbbing and dripping.  Mommy pushes against the spreading wet spot, making your hips flex as you try to hump against mommy’s hand.  Mommy pulls her hand away much to your dismay.

Not so fast, naughty one.  Mommy decides when and if.  Now turn around so mommy can smack one of those bare cheeks for being presumptuous.  A spank to that bottom will be just what you need, and your little bottom will turn a pretty shade of pink to match your panties.

Mommy heard the little moan that escapes your parted lips and smirks.  Mommy suddenly slaps your ass again , making you groan out loud.  One more smack to that sensitive butt and someone will be making a sticky squirties in their new panties.

Not yet though.  Mommy will determine when it’s time for you to cum.  Remember you have to have mommy’s permission before you are allowed to explode.  And mommy can’t get enough of hearing you beg for release.  Oh I bet you would like mommy to rub your pretty little bow on your panties, wouldn’t you?

Crawl over to mommy with that butt in the air.  Whimper and whine as you get closer.  Now sit back on your haunches and beg like a good little girl.  Tell mommy what you want, what you need.  Beg mommy to let you play and make a creamy mess in your panties for mommy.

Since you begged so well, mommy gives you permission.  Lay back in front of mommy and spread those sexy little legs.  Now slide your hand between your legs and up over the front of your moist panties.  Squeeze yourself, rub yourself, show mommy how good it feels.

Rub faster and harder, don’t stop until your cumming uncontrollably for mommy.  Squirt all over those pretty panties for mommy like a good little slut.  Very good!

If you would like to play with mommy or for mommy, call anytime.

Mommy Candy



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