This Pic shows the baby adult diaper
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February 28, 2021
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ABDL Babies Love To Be Age Regressed
March 2, 2021

abdl baby

I know what is best for my boyfriend because of my intuition as an abdl mommy, I always know what he needs.  Too often he is stressed from running a company with a vast amount of employees and being in charge all day – though it is lucrative has its stresses.  It calms him when he comes home to me and wait for me to direct him on what he should do to unwind.

This is where I take the lead and impart forced age regression because I know that it is exactly what he needs in order to be comforted.  He pretends to put up a fuss and act like he is hard to get but I can see his cock grow by the increasing bulge in his pants and I take full control in imparting age regression on him that he pretends that he does not need.

You should see how he puts up a fuss and kicks and screams while I undress him and change him into crinkly diapers and a tiny shirt where his belly is exposed and sticks out like an overfed toddler.  While I change him I make sure that he has a paci in his mouth to hold him for the meantime while I get him all wiped down, powdered and pampered.

A soft and juicy tit awaits his mouth and he is in anticipation of that because as soon as I complete his diaper change, I place him on my lap and stuff my nipple in his mouth so he can latch on and I can feed him my beautiful mammary orbs. He sucks them like if they are his last meal and his eyes light up with glee.

I play with his crotch while I feed him by rubbing the palm of my hand against the front of his diaper and he loves the way that my hand feels on his cock while it is being rubbed and petted in his padded diaper.  He will never ever stop wanting to experience abdl age regression because I make it fun, wonderful and enjoyable. And when I am finished feeding him my sweet, succulent and juicy tits I look at his face as a smile comes over it and he tenses his stomach and releases all of his hot piss in his diaper.

I watch as his diaper grows in size and becomes very droopy and bulky and he knows that I will make him remain in it for a while before he is changed.  The warmth of the piss in his diaper as it cradles his cock and his balls makes him the happiest baby in the world.

He deserves this, as he works so hard and being able to go back in time when he comes home to me after a hard days work, makes all of the difference in the world to him and I am so glad that I am the one that he can be comfortable with and trust to deliver this very special experience for him. And before he goes to bed, I change him into his onesie and put him to sleep.

Do you want to experience this as well?  Then give Mommy Tawny a call right away and let me take sweet care of you.



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