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My Boyfriend – My Sweet ABDL Baby
March 2, 2021
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You Are Now Mommy’s Baby
March 5, 2021

abdl boy

It is important to be a Mommy with intuition so when I receive a call from an ABDL over the phone, I will be so focused on him or her that I get a sense of what they called me for and it is up to me to take that little molehill of a fantasy and turn it into a mountain. The expression that mother knows best is really true.

When an ABDL wants to make baby steps when we role play age regression scenarios it is always an open space where we engage in various fantasies and fetishes.  Nothing is off limits, the only thing that is required is that all adult babies that want to play and be age regressed be 18 years and older.

An ABDL that calls the Phone A Mommy phone line and speaks to me experiences anonymity so there is no need to feel that someone is going to catch you in the act of abdl age regression, unless you choose to share that private and confidential information with them. Mommies lips are always sealed and any of the naughty things that is done with mommy is always and forever will be mommy’s little secret.

I want the very best for all of my babies, and this is not only for the good ones the naughty ones that tend not to listen, misbehave and do their own thing – I want the very best for them also; and sometimes what is best for those babies are swift and thorough bare-handed spankings until those bottoms start to become blistered, inflamed and red.

Many ABDL babies want to try things the first time and they need a mommy to guide them through the process. Sometimes it is as simple as guided masturbation where a call will come and they are already touching and stroking their clitty cocks and others.

It is a wonderful teaching moment to have an ABDL baby follow my lead and rub his baby cock with his fingers and massage his balls.  A semi hard baby cock will become fully erect and shoot out a plethora of cummies when I direct my adult baby diaper lover how to cum.

And for those who call and pretend to be adults, I remove that mask right away and I use forced age regression to make sure that I put them in diapers even when they pretend that they don’t want to be.

Not because a baby is saying no to me or kicking and screaming that he or she does not want to be in diapers really means that they are speaking from his or her heart and being honest.  Not having to be accountable for wanting to be in diapers but having the experience anyway, lots of babies relish that.

Are you ready to be put in diapers by force? I hope you are.  Give Mommy Scarlet a call right away and I will make sure to take care off you in that very special way that mommy knows how to do.



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