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October 16, 2021
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October 18, 2021

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Tawny’s diaper lover Daniel loves to get all diapered up because of how comfortable, soft and snug that it makes him feel. It started like this for him a few year ago when he was in High School when he used to wet his bed and it continued into his adulthood. He did not have an incontinence issue, he had a “need to feel wet heat around his penis” and pissing his diaper was what did it for him. Now, fast forward to him as an adult baby diaper lover and he has decided to play with Mommy Tawny on the phone as her son in mommy roleplay with incest phone sex.

Though he loves to get all diapered up and show off his diapers, he also loves to suck on his mommy’s sweet tits. I, Mommy Tawny love to play and doing it with Diaper Daniel makes my day. He makes being an abdl mom so easy as he really gets into roleplay when we engage together via phone. I  also like to pick and choose for him what diapers that he should wear and according to what I feel sometimes I will have him send me photos of himself in an email so I could get a better idea of what he really looks like in his cute little diapers.

And I would make him pose for me in the photos then I would have him gather a variety of items which will include a brush, a pacifier, a ruler and a belt then the games would begin.  I love to have him bend over and pull his diaper to the side and insert the toothbrush in his anus and he fucks himself in the ass for me.  He would moan and it would sound so lovely, especially when I would have him push the toothbrush angled down on his prostate.  He would move his hips around in a circular motion as if he were a lap dancer performing for an invisible person and his eyes would roll to the back of his head. His pleasure and his pain is my entertainment and he loves ever single bit of it.

Then afterwards he would have to spank his bottom with the brush, depending on how frisky I am feeling that day I would make him spank himself by the part with the bristles and the ouches and oohs that would come out of his mouth are so beautiful it is music to my ears.  He would have to keep the noise down when things get a little too intense so I would have him place a pacifier in his mouth and that is when I would be ordered to spank his penis with the ruler and I would have him take his biggest dildo and fuck himself repeatedly in the ass with it until his hole became s sore to the touch.  I love to make sure that he gets it mild and then it turns rough and that is why he loves to play with me.



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