Adult Man Wearing the baby diaper and lying on the bed
Abdl Humiliated By Being Back In Diapers
July 1, 2019
Learning to be a Sissy — Part 2
July 8, 2019

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Are you a silly little adult baby that absolutely loves to be told just how silly you really are? I love teasing babies like you, getting the chance to laugh and mock you in the sweetest manner(or the meanest, depending on how I feel that day!), knowing that you are blushing red as a cherry. What is there not to pick on? You should be teased about your thick diapee that you need for all your accidents, the onesies and baby t-shirts that you wear, maybe even your cutesy dresses if you’re a sissy baby! You are supposed to be a big boy, a grown man, but hear you are acting like a baby instead. Why wouldn’t I pick on you for that? No, you deserve to be teased and best of all, you like it! You really should call me, for some abdl phone sex, so you can listen to me laugh while I ridicule you, silly.



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