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Kinky Abdl Examination!
March 7, 2020
Hot Diaper Man Wearing the adult baby diaper
Are You a Bedwetting Adult?
March 14, 2020
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Did I tell you that if you behaved yourself all day today I would let you rest your little head in my lap and breastfeed, let you suck on my nipples so that your mouth nearly overflows with my warm breast milk before you swallow? I do know how much you love to do that, because of how happy and excited you get! Your whole face just lights up, making you the cutest abdl boy ever! And it’s very obvious just how excited you are when your cock starts to get hard and press up against your diaper. To tell you the truth, I might love breastfeeding you more than you do. My pussy gets so wet when you start to suck on my nipples, and don’t think I don’t see that tiny little smirk when you suck harder or nibble on them a bit! You know that works me up even more! While you suck on my nipples I will be rubbing my hand along the front of your diaper right along your peepee.  I even want you to pull back a little so you can squeeze my breasts just enough to have my milk squirting out all over your face! That’s when I will untape one side of your diaper and push it aside to let your cock out and I can straddle your hips to slide it in between my pussy lips so I can drag the tip over my swollen clit.  I’m will still be leaning over you, my breasts practically smothering you when I push my nipples into your mouth. You want me to reach in between my thighs, grab your cock and line it up so I can push it right into my tight pussy? I’m going to bounce on top of you, your cock filling me up while you suck my nipples until you orgasm and fill me up with your cum! Give me a call for some kinky abdl phone sex.



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