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June 4, 2022
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Diaper Girl Stacey: Age regression is so much fun. Becoming a diaper baby at mommy’s will Mommy decides what’s best for her babies. I can be a little girl, running around in my diaper, with mommy taking care of all my needs. Mommy knows what is best for me, and like a good girl, I do as mommy says.

There’s nothing better than lying back, relaxing, and letting mommy diaper you. Abdl age regression is my favorite. Mommy knows just what to do and how to take care of me perfectly. Mommy diapers me, dresses me up in cute outfits, nurses me, and lets me play with all my toys when I’m a good girl.

And for those times when needed, mommy enforces forced age regression, whether I want to be a good diaper baby or not. What mommy says goes, and I have no choice in the matter. Mommy knows exactly what is best for me. A diaper is one of those things.

Wearing a diaper and being an adult baby means I don’t have to be a big girl, and I don’t have to use the big potty. I just go right into my diaper, no matter where I am. I don’t have to stop playing with my toys or watching TV to get up and go to the bathroom; even when cuddling with mommy, all I have to do is let it go right in my diaper.

Mommy will lay me down, clean me up, and change me into a fresh diaper. And when it’s nap time, mommy cradles me in her arms and nurses me. Mommy’s milk tastes so good and is warm and sweet, just like I like it. Mommy rocks me and sings to me as I suck on her nipple.

As I begin to fall asleep in mommy’s lap, she kisses the tip of my nose and places me in my nice soft bed.Mommy tucks the blanket around me and gives me my stuffie to snuggle with. Then she gives me another kiss on my forehead and tells me to have sweet dreams before she tiptoes out of the room, leaving the nightlight on.

Mommy is the best! She always knows what I need before I do. No fussing, no whining, and no crying are necessary. Mommy is always ready. I could tell you so many fun stories about me and mommy. Maybe you would like to come over and have a play date with me, and mommy can take care of both of us.

Mommy will prepare snacks and juice for us, and she will check our diapers and change them when they are full.Mommy will give us baths if we get too messy and tease us for being naughty. And when Mommy leaves us alone in the nursery to play, we can squeeze each other’s diapers.

Mommy will know when we have been naughty as soon as she changes our diaper and sees the stickies. But it’s ok; mommy will just laugh at us and call us silly babies. Click Here

ABDL Stacey



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  2. […] Amanda’s DL Friend Loves To Roleplay!: I had the absolute funniest time a few days ago! I have a really, really good friend that’s a diaper lover, not an adult baby like me, but he loves to be teased about being a baby. He really gets off on the embarrassment and humiliation, you know? He blushes so hard that I’m kind of surprised that he hasn’t passed out yet, between that and how hard his cock can get when he’s really getting into it. He can’t pass up some Abdl roleplay to really get his blood going, and I’m always up for a fun little romp. Throw in some diapers and some adult-type toys, and everyone is happy! Anyhow, like I was saying, I had the best time with David a few days ago when we decided to play out a little fantasy of his. The idea of someone out in public noticing his diapers and then being cruel enough to point them out is one of his favorites, so we tried that out.The whole thing starts off at the grocery store, with David in the baby aisle, browsing and trying to decide what diapers he might like to get, and me nearby, watching him closely. His shirt rode up a bit, and I couldn’t help but notice the good two inches of diaper peeking over the waistband of his pants! I walk up to him, and I can’t stop myself from giggling a bit while I tell him that his diaper is shining for all to see! Of course, I tell him that there isn’t any need to be embarrassed, but my laughter doesn’t really convince him of that. David tries to walk off, but I just follow him, and that’s when I notice that a wet spot is growing on the inside of his pants leg! What else am I supposed to do other thantakhim by the hand and lead him to the public restrooms for a diaper change?I tease him about being a silly baby that wet himself, and he tried to tell me that he’s not a baby, but that just makes me laugh even harder. What kind of big boy wears diapers? Nope, he was a silly baby, and that was that. He can babble about being grown until he turns purple, but that won’t change a thing, now, will it? So, I finally get him on the changing table, pants and diaper off, to get him all cleaned and in a fresh diaper. Little kids walk past, asking their mommies why he’s such a big baby! I tell them that is because David will always be a baby; it won’t matter how big he gets. I get him all clean, but then I have to tell him that his pants are too wet to wear now; he’ll have to walk out of the store without them! You can bet David was pretty upset about that, but we had no choice. I tell you, he was already hard from all that humiliation, but when I told him that I’d have to put him under diaper bondage later, all it took was a few humps against a pillow for him to make creamy cummies in his diaper! Click Here […]