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March 19, 2022
bdsm sex
Amanda And BDSM Sex Is Fun
March 20, 2022

abdl in onesie

Diaper Sex Is Always Best With Mommy Amanda: Every diaper lover knows that diaper sex is best with me, Mommy Amanda. I love to make my abdl babies happy, and they love to make me happy too. I do things that a lot of people don’t do, and some examples are incest phone sex, strap-on sex, shitty-scat sex, and breastfeeding sessions.

When it comes to incestuous phone sex, of course, I am the one that is the naughty mommy, and when I want to play in a naughty way, that is what will happen.

If a day comes and freakiness comes to mind, that may be the day that I want you to lie on your back while wearing your diaper so that we can engage in hot and sexy diaper sex.

You will be ordered by me to be spread-eagled while I open up your diaper, and I will tickle and tackle your little dick until it is no longer limp but hard. I want to have a little lollipop in my hand, and that is the lollipop from my little man, and that little man with his little pee pee in my hand is you. Aren’t you so happy that you are the one that is in my hand and I can play with you on command?

I want you to be my pet so that I can sit on your face and get wet, and I want to make sure that you won’t fret, get angry, or get upset as this is the most tasty and delicious mommy pussy that you are ever going to get.

Open your mouth wide, and don’t you dare try to hide your tongue. I want you to move it all around as you eat from my delicious and sweet pussymeat. If you are on a diet, this won’t matter, as you will be eating so much sweetness that you won’t be able to stop.

I want you to lick me up and down as you move your tongue all around, and then you need to find that part of me that is sweet like wine and that G-spot that will make me go crazy and make me all hot and bothered.

When the time comes for me to insert a finger inside of your bottom as your diaper is parted, that will be when you will feel it go all the way inside so deeply that you will want to pull on your pillows and pull on your sheets.

Always remember that your bottom is mine, and it is the round rump that I think is so fine, so you will give it to me at all times and you won’t dare complain at all.

I am here for you, and you must not forget that. You will not regret that, or else I will have to spank your little behind as I pull down your diaper and spank you all night.

So listen to me and do as you are told, as you are my little abdul baby, and I won’t share you with a soul. Click Here

Mommy Amanda


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