Mommy’s Silly Baby
October 16, 2022
What is ABDL? What does it stand for?
What is ABDL?
October 22, 2022



Hehe Mommy Has a Surprise for You: Mommy picked up the perfect gift for you. A cute little surprise that you will look absolutely adorable in. You will turn lots of heads in this, I promise. You will definitely be the center of attention with your special present. And mommy will love every minute of it.

Now close your eyes and hold out your hands for your surprise. Now before you open your eyes, mommy is going to strip you of all your clothes. Mommy needs you completely naked so you can use your gift properly. Mommy can hardly wait.

Once mommy peels all your clothes off, mommy tells you to open your eyes and check out your surprise. You open them quickly, excitement vibrating through your body. You look down at the gift in your hands and chuckle nervously. Mmmhmm, that’s right, those are for you.

Now let’s get that cute little thong on you and put it where it belongs. Ooohh, mommy knew you would look so adorable; mommy could just eat you up. Now that you have your new undies on, let’s go show you off. Mommy’s friends will get a kick out of you and your little butt cheeks sticking out.

I told you that you would be the center of attention. Look how everyone flocks around you. Reaching out to poke your bare cheeks. To caress your thong-covered peepee. To laugh at you as you blush a bright shade of pink, both sets of cheeks flush with embarrassment at all the attention.

Mommy giggles at you and tells you how cute you look. You’re such a good baby, doing as you’re told and showing off to all of mommy’s friends. And from the looks of that sexy thong, someone is a little excited by all the attention. Does being mommy’s good little baby make you excited?

Good, because now the next part of your surprise starts. Mommy and all her friends are going to help you with that excited peep. Mommy reaches out and grasps the front of you, right where that throbbing bulge is. When mommy hears your gasp and sees your legs trembling slightly, she gives the nod for everyone to join in.

Soon there are hands all over your body, rubbing, grabbing, stroking, pinching, and sliding up and down the length of you from head to toe. Mommy smiles when she hears the moans that escape your parted lips. Mommy has a feeling it won’t be long before that thong is soaked and sticky.

Very soon, someone is going to explode and spill all over from all the attention. And once you do, mommy has one more surprise in store for you. Mommy will lay you down and pull your saturated pants from you. Then mommy will lick you clean of all your cummies.

You would have so much fun being mommy’s good little Abdallah boy. Once mommy makes you her adult baby, mommy will take very good care of you, and you will enjoy it all. So don’t hesitate any longer and call Mommy now! Click Here

Mommy Candy


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