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October 27, 2022
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Amanda Has Some Kinky Diaper Fun
November 1, 2022




Mommy Has the Perfect Costume Picked Out for You: Mommy can’t wait to get you “dressed” up and show you off this Halloween. You will be pretty in pink, right down to that swirly little tail. That’s right, a tail And let’s not forget the snout and ears as well.  You are going to be mommy’s cute little piggy this year.

You can strut around in this very simple outfit.And, of course, you can’t just look the part, you also have to act the part.  Mommy wants to hear little snorts and oinks emitting from your cute little pig’s mouth. And mommy wants to see you swish your little pink corkscrew tail around as you wallow around on the floor.

Everyone is going to know exactly what you are, even though you will be wearing the bare minimum.   And mommy knows just how dirty you like to get, so being a pig is perfect.   And you will look so adorable and naughty all at the same time.

The focal point of your costume will be that tail.  Positioned deep between those cheeks, nice and tight in that little butthole. Even when tugged on and played with, it stays put. And everyone is going to want to play with your tail at least once.

Mixed with those oinks and snorts will be moans and groans as the constant stimulation to your backside will have you aroused and squirming. Mommy’s little pig will be loving all the attention. As you crawl around, you get a lot of pets and pats.And the best part will be when the cute pig gets all wet and sticky.

By the end of the night, you will be a messy little piggy in every aspect.  Rooting around for more attention Rutting and grunting, dripping everywhere.  And like a good little pig, you will lick up all your dribbles as well. Mommy’s piggy enjoys cummies, from everyone.

Squealing and squirting, an unforgettable Halloween.  And the best piggy around.  It makes mommy so happy to see how well-liked her little pink pig is by everyone.They just can’t keep their hands off of you. And who can blame them? Mommy knows all too well how hard that is.

After seeing you this Halloween, everyone is going to want to have their own little pet pig. Just a bunch of pink piggies with butt plug tails and floppy ears running around.Sounds fantastic to mommy.  Mommy’s little pig went wee wee wee all over the room. Making an even bigger mess.

Mommy would have so much fun dressing you up and showing you off. And not just for Halloween, but for every second of every day. You would have so much fun at mommy’s mercy that you would beg for more. And if mommy decides you are worthy, you will get just that.

So, call Mommy now, and let’s get started having loads of fun. You will be putty in mommy’s hands. And a cutie pie for all to enjoy. Stop dragging your a$$ around and put it on display for all to see. Click Here

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