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March 29, 2021
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April 3, 2021

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I put some hidden cameras around the house and I kissed my son goodbye and went to work.  He has been so secretive lately and he does not talk to me anymore about the things that he should.  I am his mommy and I am supposed to be his best friend, but ever since his body started going through changes it seems like he has been hiding things from me.  Not to worry is what I thought to myself because I know that if I want to find out something, I just have to it in secret and behind his back.

So, this is where the hidden cameras idea came to me.  I saw a commercial on my social media account’s timeline and there was a company that was selling hidden cameras and they were made to be disguised to look like ordinary household items. I thought that was sheer genius so I ordered the ones that would be totally inconspicuous and started on my mission to spy on my son.  I waited until he was asleep last night to plant the hidden cameras and I am so glad that I did not wait on it, but I got it done right away.

I put up the one that looks like a working smoke alarm, the other that looked like a clock and the other was in the form of a pen. I could not wait to get to work and excuse myself to go to the ladies room and lock myself inside of a stall to watch my phone to see an update with what was happening with my son. So I went to the ladies room, closed the stall door and plugged in my headphones, turned the volume up and sat on the toilet waiting for the start of the “show.”

I spied on my son and saw him wearing diapers and in the arms of his girlfriend who I had met a few times, but he never told me that she coming over and I could see why.  It was obvious that he was into age play and he had a diaper fetish because he seemed so at peace with himself as he continued to suck on his girlfriend’s sweet soft and puffy pink nipples.  He looked at his girlfriend as if he was looking at me and that was when I used to breast feed him when he was a baby.

Just watching the two of them in secret was so forbidden, so secret and so sexy that it was turning me on.  I quickly slipped out of my panties in the bathroom stall at work and started to finger fuck my cunt as I watched my son and his girlfriend.  I wanted to see more because what I was watching was so hot.  I did not want them to stop, it had to continue and it did.

It was at that point where his girlfriend told him to get on the floor and she started pointing at him and laughing at him and she repeatedly kept making fun of him wearing diapers.  She would pat the back of his diaper with her hand and then do a series of laughs and it was obvious that he was getting so sweaty and turned on.  Wearing the diaper was something I found out he enjoys, but also diaper humiliation as well.

I saw him wet his diaper and as it drooped down past his buttocks, his girlfriend spanked him then removed his diaper and changed him.  My, my, my – how much his cock grew since the last time I saw it.  It was so healthy, strong and erect and I imagined the taste of my son’s sweet cock inside of my mouth and I erupted in orgasmic pleasure at that very moment.  I had to bite my lips together as I was at work and I did not want anyone to find out what I was doing in the stall.  So I cleaned up myself quietly, exited the stall, washed and dried my hands and exited the bathroom with my phone in my hand.

It was so wonderful getting to know my son and I intend to keep the cameras up to get to know him even better.  After all, what he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him and I plan to get a front seat always to the “show.”

Would you like to pretend to be my son and have me spy on you doing naughty things in your room? If so, it is time to give me a call – don’t delay.



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