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Spying on my Son and his Girlfriend
March 29, 2021
A men wearing adult baby white diaper
Diapered and Happy
April 3, 2021

abdl babyAnthony and I are going to the park today because the weather is phenomenal. The sun is out, the birds are chirping the sky is blue. It has been a long and harsh couple of months where we had to endure the frigid cold elements and we stayed indoors to cope. So, we have been cooped up in the house all Winter so we have been looking forward to enjoying the beauty of Spring. And today I picked the perfect park where we could enjoy an entire plethora of ageplay games so he could explore being the diaper lover that he is.

The fun that we have is not out of the ordinary but it all lines up with his diaper fetish fantasies and being in a public setting also adds the flavor to the pot that Anthony wants to explore.  At work he is the type that is buttoned up in a three piece suit with his hair perfectly combed and his shoes are spit shined.  But when he is with me, he wants to let go of all of those cares and concerns and just be himself.  His true self is an abdl and I am his Aunt Brenda and I am the one that can make him explore this part of himself that he would otherwise keep hidden.

We found a nice shaded tree and we sat there for a while, this time he was not in the usual stuff suit that he wears to work, but he was in a onesie with shorts.  I moved closer the crotch of his shorts and sniffed him to find out that a slight odor of piss was emanating from him and I asked him if he peed his diaper underneath his onesie and he held his head down and said he did.

I told him that he will need to be changed and his eyes widened as I said it will be done right here under the shady tree.  He looked around and saw a few strangers walking past where we were seated on the grass and he said to me, “Aunt Brenda, they are going to see me.” I said to him, “Yes Anthony, that is the point.” He said, “Ok, Aunt Brenda – I will go along with your wishes.”

I removed his shorts then unfastened his onesie and ripped off his dirty diaper.  The excitement of having his diaper changed cause both a sense of excitement for him and that came from diaper humiliation and his cock was rock hard.  I wiped his meaty and thick cock with a wet cotton rag that I poured a bottle of spring water over and his thick dick twitched because of the cool sensation and he closed his hazel eyes and just enjoyed the diaper change.  He expressed how soft my long fingers felt as I gave him a quick testicle massage and anal probe and when I used my fingers to apply the Desitin so he would not have a rash, more cummies leaked out of his pee hole and unto my hand.

It was at that point that I grabbed the tip of his erect cock and squeezed it then sprinkled some cooling powder on him and closed up his diaper and the tabs.  I rubbed the front of the crotch of his diaper very slowly while pressing down moderately while I sang him nursery rhymes and it was not too long until Anthony shot his cummies in his diaper as we sat on the grass under the shady tree.



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