I Just Love Feet
August 14, 2022
Amanda Gets Some Encouragement to Use Her Diapers!
Abdl is Forced to Use Their Diaper!
August 16, 2022



Who Likes BBC?: Good! Now that I’ve got your attention, I hope you’re ready for the fun I have in store for you. I have a big black cock with your name written all over it. And I’m ready to use it on you. To make you my little abdl slut and make you moan like a whore.

I have lots of strap-ons of all different sizes and colors. And I think my big black one would be perfect to stretch you out with. Make you sucking and gag on it first; fuck your face until your spit and slobber drip down the length of my shaft.

Make your eyes tear up as you choke on my cock. Such a good little cocksucker. Licking and sucking like a pro Use your hands also, and pretend it’s a real cockroach in your throat. Work that dick like your life depended on it. Show me what that mouth will do.

Once you get that BBC nice and wet, I’m going to have you lay on your side, so I can slide up behind you and then inside you. I’m going to stretch you wide. Reach back and spread your cheeks for me like a good little slut. Get ready for this cock to penetrate you.

I grab ahold of my big dick and slowly push it against your little crinkled hole. As I feel you loosen up slightly, the head pops in, and I hear you gasp then moan. You like that, don’t you? I stay still, just barely inside you, waiting to feel your body relax.

As soon as you do, I grab your hips and slam all the way into you, making you take the whole cock. Big and fat, filling you and stretching you. You groan and then whimper, wiggling back against me. I start pumping my hips, humping you from behind. Sliding my cock in and out.

I just love dominance, and judging by the sounds escaping your parted lips, so do you. You love it when I fuck you; you love it when I make you my little bitch. And even more so when I buries my big black cock deep inside your little asshole.

Push back against that cock, harder and faster with each thrust of my hips. I reach around and grab ahold of your hard, dripping dickens and start squeezing and stroking. You’re going to squirt for me as I fuck you. You are going to cough hard as I empty your balls of every last creamy drop.

Would you like to be dominated and fucked? Do you need a big black cock deep inside you? Are you ready to be my little bitch? If you meekly answered yes to any of those questions, then give me, Stacey, a call, and I will make you scream my name. Over and over.

You will never be the same once I’m finished with you. Once I’ve had my way with you, you will be craving cock. All the time, night and day, wishing to be violated again and again Click Here




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