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May 19, 2023
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May 22, 2023




That’s not a cock, that’s a tiny little baby peepee.  You can’t satisfy a woman with that, she would laugh at you as soon as she saw your pathetic excuse of a dick.  Something that little belongs in one place only, and that place is not a warm wet pussy, but rather a squishy warm diaper.

Just lay back and let mommy take care of you.  Mommy will strip you of your big boy clothes, then mommy will get out the powder, wipes, and diapers.  Mommy lifts your legs and slides that soft thick diaper under you.  Then mommy will spread your legs, your knees slightly bent.

Aww look how cute that little nubby is, not even as big as a pacifier.  Definitely belongs in a diaper.  With a peepee like that, you will definitely experience a lot of sph.  You will never get a woman with what you’re working with, no one will want anything to do with you or your diapered peepee.

That’s why you need a mommy.  Mommy will rub cream between your cheeks and powder your minuscule balls and peepee and diaper you up nice and snug.  Just where you belong.  Mommy will change you and bathe you when you make potty in your diaper.

Mommy will hold you and cuddle you and pat your little diaper butt.  And if that tiny little peepee gets excited it has plenty of room in that diaper to make a squirties.  That diaper is perfect for all of your messes.  Super absorbent and adorable.

Mommy loves watching you waddle around in your diaper, hearing the crinkle of your diaper as you play.  And goodness knows that any diaper bulge you get will be because of a full pissy diaper, not a hard cock.  And mommy can’t help but squeeze your diaper every time you’re near.

Mommy knows how good that warm wet diaper feels, and mommy knows that it rubs your tiny little peepee every time you move.  Mommy notices when your little face changes as you get close to making cummies in your diaper.  And mommy loves to tease you and your tiny peepee.

Crawl up into mommy’s lap and let mommy help you.  Mommy will rub and push against your diapered crotch, making you squirm and moan as mommy squeezes your diaper hard right over that tiny peepee.  Your hips start moving and you start whimpering as you get closer and closer.

Soon you’re begging mommy to let you cum in your diaper like a good little diaper boy.  Mommy rubs faster and gives you permission to squirt.  That’s a good little baby.  See, mommy knows what’s best for you and your tiny pathetic, almost non-existent peepee.

Now be a good boy and call mommy for some more fun.  Mommy will have all sorts of fun things to do to you and your diaper.  Mommy will treat like the little diaper baby you are.  You’re not a man, especially with that baby peepee.  You are made to be diapered.

Mommy Candy




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