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June 21, 2021
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I have had my eye on you for quite some time.  Every day I see you walking to the park and you are always alone.  One beautiful morning, I see you sitting all by yourself in the grass.  I slowly walk up to you and as you notice me, you look up and I see the most adorable little chubby cheeks.

“Hi”, I greet you with a smile and lean down closer to you.  You tentatively look up at me again and barely whisper a hi back.  Oh yes, you will be perfect.  I lean a little closer and ask you your name…  You hesitate before slowly answering me.  Alex.  “What a nice name, mine is Candy.  Nice to meet you Alex.”

I use a high sweet sounding voice to help sooth you and make you relax with me.  I ask if I can sit in the grass with you… I tell you how I have noticed you before and I was curious why you were always alone.  You tell me sadly how you have no family and that it is only you.

I smile brightly at you and tell you that I also have no one and I would love to have someone to take care of.  You look at me questionably, a slight tilt to your head.  Yes that’s right, I am a mommy and I need a little one and with abdl age regression, you can become the best baby.

Mommy stands up and reaches out her hand to you, “would you like to be my baby?”  I ask.  You look down and bite your lip, slightly nervous and a little scared.  Mommy won’t hurt you, I promise.  Mommy takes your hand in hers and pulls you to your feet,  perhaps a little forced age regression will be necessary.

Mommy will take you home and get you out of those big boy clothes and into a nice warm bubble bath.  Getting you all cleaned up and fresh smelling.  Once mommy has finished washing you, mommy dries you off and takes you into the bedroom.  Mommy has a special room just for you.

Shelves of diapers, baby powder, and wipes.  Closet of cute little outfits, drawers full of everything an abdl baby needs.  A crib and changing table, with a play mat in the middle of the room.  And of course a rocking chair in the corner for mommy to cuddle and rock you.

Mommy will take very good care of you.  Mommy lays you down on the changing table and slides a thick soft diaper under your little bottom.  Mommy poofs powder all over your backside, little balls and peepee.  After mommy rubs it in, making baby so smooth, mommy closes up that cute diaper and fastens the tabs making sure it’s nice and snug.

Would you like to join Mommy Candy in a little age regression play?  Would you enjoy being mommy’s sweet baby?  If so then don’t be nervous or scared and give mommy a call.

Abdl Mommy Candy


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