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I am Dommy Mommy Scarlet, and I hail with over a decade of experience in the ABDL and BDSM lifestyle. I specialize in forced feminization, sissy training/dress-up, humiliation, diaper training, guided masturbation, spankings, time out, hardcore, extreme fetishes, golden showers, and brown showers, toilet denial, brainwashing, and forced gay role play. As a dominant who has experience with new and seasoned adult baby diaper lovers and BDSM submissives, whether male, female, sissy, or trans - one thing that always remains the same - is the knowledge that whatever void that you need to be filled via instructions and servitude, will only happen with a dominant who knows how to understand your psyche truly and can therefore lead from there. Domination is not about making a lot of noise and commanding that one put on a collar to prove a point. Before any play commences, the mental aspect of domination is ABDL and BDSM play's primary aspect. With that in mind, it is important to remember that I am a dominant who knows how to execute the right combination of power and control. It is vital to note that I am not here for your wretched entertainment or your absurd pleasure as ultimately, you are here for mine.

You will quickly grasp that you ought to speak when told to, and decisions you want to make need to be cleared first and foremost. Intellectually you and I are not on the same level and never will be. I acknowledge my role as a top, and you will do the same as a bottom. You will not dare disrespect me at any time, in any way, shape, or form, and you will watch your tone with me and leave your pathetic sarcasm at the door as it will not be tolerated. I am the only one that can decide if I want to insult, belittle, and denigrate you as I deem necessary. If you attempt to throw disparaging remarks or comments my way to test my authority in your life, it will only lead to your immediate downfall as – this is not kindergarten, and I am, therefore, not the one to play silly and childish games with. I am stern and strict, and I can get into your psyche and understand exactly who you currently are and who you desire to be. With my guidance – you will become a better version of yourself, and you will be guided to who you were meant to be. Though it is in my nature to be dominant, I am not heartless, and I possess a nurturing side that floats to the surface on occasion when I deem it necessary but do not think that this trait is a sign of weakness; you will sadly regret it. Quite frequently, there are times when an ABDL or BDSM submissive strays off the desired path of where he or she was meant to go, and my physical disciplinary methods are enforced to guide them on the path that I desire for them to follow. These methods vary from bare-handed spankings to belts, paddles, cat-o-nine tails, switches, rulers, and flogs. Whatever I decide for a particular day will determine what I will require my submissive to tolerate. Though discipline is absolutely required, it is not done without the proper precautions for us to play safely. I am always tuned to your breathing patterns, fears, insecurities, and failures. If you were pathetic before your call to me, you would still be pathetic afterward. The difference is I am the one that will teach you exactly who you are, and you will come before me naked, transparent, honest, and true. You will not try to hide anything from me as eventually your secrets will be brought to the surface where you will have to reveal that hidden side of yourself that you try so desperately to shield from me.

You will acknowledge that I am always first and foremost and your top priority, and you are here to serve me – it is not the other way around. If I choose to have you participate in various tasks and activities, you will not question my methods, but you will follow as you are told and do as you are instructed. You will recognize that female domination is an art, and though you may initially come to me with reservations and limitations, the fact remains that you must lower your walls and learn to trust. I am here to help you grow, guide, and mentor you, and discipline, which is you and for your own good. Discipline is mandatory and required as it builds character and therefore makes you a better version of yourself. Your nonsense and naughty ways will not go unpunished by me. And if you are an ABDL that chose to wet your diaper without my permission, do not expect to get comfortable and be changed right away. If you are pathetic enough to soil yourself in hopes that you will be cleaned, powdered, and changed right away… the jokes on you, as you will be sadly mistaken. You will remain situated in the corner on time-out with your dirty diaper still on while I walk around the house and do my bidding while ignoring you as you sit there in your sappy mess. If you are uncomfortable, it is not my concern, problem, or issue, as you are the one that decided to piss and shit on yourself. Therefore, now you have the price to pay by sitting in it until I say otherwise. Everything you do has a consequence, and there are no exceptions to that rule. Choosing to acknowledge your presence and fix my eyes to glance your way is a privilege and not a right. You are not my equal – you have never been, and you never will be, and if your mind neglects to remember that, I will have no problem reminding you of your place.  

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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July 18, 2024
Alex Wins His First Abdl Pageant!
The auditorium was a sea of pastel colors and the soft murmur of excited voices. At the center of it all, standing nervously on stage, was Alex. He adjusted the collar of his baby blue onesie, feeling both out of place and utterly exposed. He had wanted to join the pageant when Aunt Brenda suggested it, but Alex was getting very nervous now. “Next up, we have Alex!” The emcee’s voice boomed over the microphone, causing Alex to jump slightly. He took a deep breath and stepped forward, the spotlight enveloping him in a warm, blinding glow. The audience fell silent, their eyes fixed on him. “Hi, everyone,” Alex managed to squeak, his voice cracking under the pressure. He cleared his throat and tried again, this time with more confidence. “I’m Alex, and I’m… weally […]
July 17, 2024
John Gets a Surprise Photo Shoot! (part 3)
(part 2) Feeling emboldened, Johnny leaned forward slightly, letting the blanket slip off his shoulders. Sarah seized the opportunity, snapping photos. Towards the end of the shoot, Sarah proposed one final series of shots. “I want to capture the transition back to reality,” she explained, leading Johnny to a mirror propped against the wall. “Look at yourself, Johnny. See how beautiful you are in this moment.” Standing before the mirror, Johnny saw a reflection unlike any he had seen before. The onesie, the diaper, and the gentle expression on his face were all part of a strangely authentic persona. He turned to Sarah, his eyes questioning yet accepting. “Take a deep breath,” Sarah encouraged, her hand resting lightly on his shoulder. “Feel the weight of the experience. And then… let it go.” Johnny inhaled deeply, […]