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March 27, 2016

Tender Loving Care

Hello my lovely adult baby/diaper lovers.  Want to know the perfect evening for a loving Mommy?  It’s spent giving her little baby darlings tender loving care.  With Baby in the playpen Mommy makes a nice warm ba-ba.   When it’s ready Mommy scoops her little sweetheart up to snuggle him on her lap while he drinks his yummy formula hungrily, round eyes never leaving Mommy’s face.  A burp over the shoulder when Baby’s done.  Then it’s time for snuggles and story-time, with fairytales from Baby’s favorite book.  After a few stories Mommy slides her hand down the back of Baby’s diaper.  It’s wet…not soaking, but time for a change.  Up on the changing table Mommy un-tapes his soggy diapers.  Warm wet wipes to clean his sweet little fanny as Mommy fills the tub.  Time for Baby’s gentle bath, and then a big snowy towel to pat him dry.  All sweet, clean, lotioned, and powdered, Mommy diapers him up, snug and tight.  Where will the evening take us? Tammy 888*430*2010
January 18, 2009

I love cloth diapers and plastic pants. How about you? What do you like most about wearing diapers? For me it is a total comfort and escape. i love being able to regress back to that little girl with no big girl cares or burdens. To just be cared for and loved, to play with others like me. How about you? Janey 1 888 430 2010
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