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October 25, 2008

What to do?

Halloweenie is almost here and I don’t have my costume. I don’t even knows what I am gonna be yet. HELP!! Give me some ideas. I like princess Aurora from Sleeping beauty lot’s, I am thinking of going as her. But I need to get started getting my costume together. I need your help Daddy. Betsy Wetsy chat with me
October 21, 2008

Scary Movies

I love all the scarly movies some of the cable channels run during October. Especially the classics. Have any of you seen Nosferatu? Or read read up on the making of it? It is very interesting. As alot of you know I am a HUGE fan of zombie movies too, old and new and even really bad,lol. The bad ones are some of the best. It’s so much fun to curl up with baby under a nice big blanket, with a bucket of popcorn and turn out all the lights for scary movie night. Don’t forget to join us for our Halloween chat party all day on October 31st. We will be running a special for all who join us. Mommy Josie
October 15, 2008


Hey everyone! Do Not Forget about our super duper halloween chat party! It’s gonna be soo great! Want to know what I am going to be? *giggles* I bet you do. But too bad, your just going to have to wait. I better see everyone there and in a costume. Or I am gonna tell Mommy Scarlet to get out the BIG paddle. *giggles* Best Baby Betsy
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