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October 27, 2015

Time out

Mommy is having a bad day today. Her naughty ABDL will not listen. He went potty in his diaper right after I changed him and then he make a big mess all over the floor.Naughty stinky ABDL made mommy Susan so upset. It is time out time for him. A fresh diaper and new outfit and some special gloves so he can’t take off his diaper again, and a special baby cage so he can’t get out and make a mess around mommies house. Such a naughty little ABDL.  Mommy is going to make you wear a sissy dress and parade you around the block after I clean up this stinky mess. If that doesn’t teach you a lesson they I will set up a booth and get mommy from people to take pictures with my little sissy baby. Mommy does not like it when her little ones misbehave. Enjoy your time out. 888-430-2010
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