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June 12, 2009


I am just posting a blog tonight with not really much to say. So here I go I am really tired tonight with the long days I have been putting in at my job. There is nothing more relaxing than to have a glass of wine listening to some classical music and soaking in the tub. Going to turn off the computer and the phone and pet on my kitties. There is no better sound of that soft kitty purr. I hope everybody will take a little time and enjoy the soft soothing things this week it will put your mind at ease and help you relax at least for a little while. Daddy Paul
May 1, 2009

Good Week

Boy I tell you what I love the spring weather we are having. I have had a chance to do some outside work and have really enjoyed every minute of it. There were outside windows to be cleaned grass to be mowed and a little bit of painting. I think spring weather brings out the best in us all. After being pretty much trapped inside for the winter Daddy is more than elated to be breathing in some good clean fresh air. Daddy Paul
April 24, 2009

Fun time

Just the other day I had the privilege of getting to watch two abie sissies. It started out as just a play date between two little ones but when the mommy of one of them had an emergency to attend to elsewhere she asked if her abie could stay there while she attended to matters and that she should be back by late evening. I quickly agreed and we sat out for a day of fun. We started out by playing dress up and having tea with the stuffed animals. Next was lunch and then on to a little naptime. After they awoke and diapers were changed I read them a story with each getting some lap time. Dinner came and went and then it was bath time and off to bed. What a wonderful day we had. Daddy Paul
September 26, 2008


Another of the great perks of being a Daddy is all of the wonderful people that I get to meet. Everyone from all walks of life from all social class and ethnic backgrounds. And the best thing about it is that we all can meet on the same common ground. We can all get along on the fact we are all looking for the same thing. You are looking for someone to treat you like your inner baby and I love taking care of all your special needs. Daddy Paul
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