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October 16, 2016

Diaper Phone Sex With Ms Ava

I’m a picky mommy when it comes to anything about diaper phone sex. I want all of my adult babies in Bambinos! I’ve tried many adult diapers depends, Kushies, Tranquility, Dignity, Abena, all of them and not one of them will ever compare to a bambino. Just think about it. With any other diaper you’d need frequent changes because your diaper is water logged but with Bambinos they’re super absorbent which means less changes for this mommy! So I like to just stick a nice thick Bambino on their bottoms so they can mess in it all they want before it needs to be changed! I can get down to at least two to three diaper changes when I use Bambinos. So go number one, two or even three! They’re top of the line and by far the best for adult babies and diaper lovers! Call Ms Ava for the best abdl phone sex! Ava 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #diaperphonesex #adultbabydiaper #diaperloversex  
May 18, 2008

Do I Like Candy?

Someone asked me what type of candy I like the other day. I had to tell them I don’t eat candy, which I do not. I do not like things too sweet (except for abies and sissies of course). But I know a lot of people enjoy candy, so with that in mind, who wants a piece of Candy? *wink* Mommy Candy 1-888-430-2010
May 5, 2008

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo!

Today is a great day. What could be better then having a big party? Nothing! I myself am going out tonight to have some fun. I will be thinking off all the abies and sissies when I do, because I actually dress up in a very fluffy skirt with vibrant bright colors on it and put my hair up. You have a great day, and if you have done something today to celebrate this holiday, give me a call and tell me about it. Betty
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