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August 5, 2009

Our Special Time

Come hop up on mommy Gina’s lap. I just love our special cuddle time we have together. My arms wrap around you, holding you close to my bosom, rocking you gently. I breathe in the perfume of your hair, kissing your head softly, placing my cheek atop of your tussle of hair. My eyes close as I start quietly humming a lullaby; you coo and snuggle down even more into my lap, my arms, your eyes growing heavier and heavier, lulled into such blissful contentment. The world outside simply melts away, time seems to be at a stand still, there is only you and me and our special time together… MommyGina 1-888-430-2010
December 31, 2008

Are you my cute monkeybutt?

Are you my cute monkeybutt? Do you like to play and climb and run and get into all sorts of trouble? Do you enjoy getting your little bottom spanked by me when you are bad? That’s what you deserve, you know. A good hard solid spanking on that monkeybutt! I’ll make you stand in the corner too, and show off your diapered monkeybutt to all my friends! They will watch you standing there all ashamed of what you did. You’ll feel your little cheeks turning bright red. And your face will too. *giggles* CousinJenna I’m adorable, look! Come chat, it’s fun!
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