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May 17, 2015

Peeking at Mommy

  Oh no! Mommy Candy caught her abdl sissy peeking in her room while she was having fun with her boyfriend! You are in big trouble now mister! What will she do to you?  Mommy will put you in some trashy lingerie and present you to her boyfriend to do with what he pleases.  Mommy will sit by and watch her sissy son suck cock for the first time.  What will mommy let her boyfriend do to you Candy 888*430*2010    
June 16, 2008

Katie Needs A Daddy

My Name is Katie and I love playing naughty games like being up on daddy’s lap and bouncing up and down in my diaper while I giggle and tease. Sometimes I misbehave so daddy will pull my diaper off and spank my bottom. Tehehehe but shhhh we can’t let mommy hear us, it’s our little secret. Why don’t you call me and you can be my daddy too!! We can play any game you want I love to please my daddy. Your Baby Katie 1 888 430-2010
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