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March 6, 2009


Oh look what mommy has for this fussy baby a brand new pacifer just for you my little one i know your going to love this one look how cute it is just for the bratty baby you are hehee Lorraine 1-888-430-2010
June 18, 2008

being a mommy

what i like about being a mommy is i have so much fun with the different types of babies. i get to play with them change them dress them up take them shopping and show off their little frillies even show off those little diapers we purchase it is so much fun spending quiet time with the babies also. listening to them coo and suck their thumbs.i love that quiet time with my babies too when i can cuddle them up tightly against my breast and enjoy the feel of them there. we mommies here at phoneamommy love our babies. mommy lorraine
May 21, 2008

baby dresses

i found this picture while searching the web thought it was so cute plus it reminded of one that my mom use to have from one of us not sure which one though hehe would like to think it belonged to a brother. now if i just had this cute little dress now. i could dress one of the sissies<img src=” it they would be so cute in this dress. i can just see them now dancing all over the nursery room floor with those little mary jane’s on their feet. granny minnie
May 14, 2008

one sweet mommy

now who wouldn’t want this sweet and sexy mommy as your phoneamommybut now we all know how to take care of that now don’t we.i am a sweet and loving mommy hehe but there are other sides to me also. call me and let us see which side you like best. mommylorraine
May 11, 2008

Shoes×88&appid=vespaui Now these are some shoes that would take getting use to.I can just picture the baby’s trying to stand up in who here at would like to try these on for if you think you would like to try this shoes on call granny lily
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