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June 10, 2008

I am not HER lol!

I, have been getting some confusing calls lately. Why? Because people seem to think I’m the Cali that owns diaperspace. I would love to say, YES that’s ME, but I cannot, because I don’t own it, I wish I did, I really really do, that place is kick butt. So please do not email me here asking me questions about diaperspace lol I don’t have any answers for you. You will have to head on over to and write to caligirl over there. Oh no, I wonder if she has been getting emails from people I do calls with talking about the call lol. Caligirl if you read this, I’m sorry if you were confused, because I know I certainly was. Have a Rockin’ Day, CALI from PHONE A MOMMY lol 1-888-430-2010
June 10, 2008

LA Weather, Gotta Love IT!

It’s hazy here today, hopefully this will burn off and the sun will come out. It’s supposed to be 77 here. I used to think the weather here could get really hot, but seeing the reports on the news about what is going on in the East I realize that what we get here on the West Coast is nothing. So I invite you all to come to California and hang out on our beaches and cool off. Or, I can do it for you 🙂 . Have a great day, and try to stay cool, drink plenty of fluids and do not over exert yourself. Take care. Thinking of all you hot little ones out there, Mommy Candy 1-888-430-2010
May 31, 2008

Hey Baby, Hey Baby, HEY

Hey everyone 🙂 . How do you like this weather so far this spring (yes it’s still spring can you believe it?)? Now I know you all have things to do this summer, but don’t you forget about me. I’ll be here, along with the rest of the girls. We would love to hear about your vacation and how you snuck away for some diaper time 🙂 . You all have a great time this summer and stop on by and say HEY once in awhile. Love ya all, Liz 1.888.430.2010
May 17, 2008

I Cannot Imagine If…

…someone were to say this to me.  Except insert ‘in this town again’ with ‘at phone a mommy again’.  I can tell you this much, there would be a fight lol.  I look forward to each and every call I get.  One more change to…educate an abie ‘wink’ Naughty Nanny, Rachel 1 888 430 2010
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