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August 17, 2009

Summer’s End

I cannot believe that summer is almost over. Things are in full swing for back to school, and my one friend’s daughter is leaving for college. Everything is moving so fast, it seems that once you are out of school time just flies. So remember to take time to slow down, enjoy yourself, put a diaper on, suck on that bah-bah, dress up in some pretty frilly panties and prance around your house or yard, because soon these warm days will be gone. Have a great and wonderful day pretty babies. Love, Mommy Candy 1-888-430-2010
June 4, 2009

Schools Out

Now that school is out your Mommy might have put you into a daycare program huh? What if Mommy sent you to the PhoneAMommy summer camp? All of the sitters, mommies and women would be caring for you all summer and having activities for you to do. There would be plenty of changing tables and blankets and everything we need. Just imagine the kinds of games we could come up with. Mommy Scarlet
May 21, 2009

ready for summer

It’s almost time for the outdoor pools to open up. Pretty soon we’ll all be able to swim in the evenings and do it outdoors. Of course we can swim in the day too, some of us. I’m not much for lake swimming so I prefer to swim in the pool. Is everyone excited about swimming, cookouts, fireflys, and outside concerts? I hope so. Mommy Scarlet
April 29, 2009

The Book Signing

I was out and about this weekend. Playing with some other DLs we decided to trek it to a book signing. For most of us it was the first time we wore our diapies out of the house. It’s an exciting step to venture outside with your fetish. Anywho – there we were at this posh little boutique when she walked in. Oh wow – I am sure her book is good but nowhere as great as those legs! I couldn’t take my mind off them. I literally heard the sound of the peanuts mother in my head as she spoke about her book. There we were – front row, in our diapies. I didn’t need any help – I cam right there in my diapie. It was a-maz-ing. I wonder if I will see her again? If so, I might have a thing or two to show her 😉 Kisses, Magz 888/430-2010
March 25, 2009

water baby

Are you a water baby, or do you do better on land? I saw this site with pictures of an underwater restaurant. It looks like so much fun. I don’t know where it is, it didn’t say. Do you think you would enjoy something like that? Or does the thought of being underwater like that bother you? Scarlet
February 5, 2009

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine poem
February 5, 2009

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine poem
February 4, 2009

try to be better

Katie is a little sore today, and I owe daddyh an apology. Daddy, I am very sorry for being so troublesome. Thank you for caring enough to spank my bottom and teach me how to behave. It’s still really sore. I can’t guarantee I won’t do it again, but I will try harder to be good for all the daddies and mommies. I just want to give them all hugs and kisses and flowers for being so good to us abs. Katie
December 27, 2008

Did all my lil ones have a good Christmas? I really hope so. Next time you call make sure and tell Mommy all about it. I want to hear just what Santa got you and how you celebrated the holiday. Mommy had a wonderful holiday and Santa brought me lots of neat stuff for Mommy to use with you. I will tell you all about it also. Love, Mommy Josie 1 888 430 2010
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