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July 10, 2009

Pink Diaper

I like all mommies love watching the babies dance around the room we love to watch our diapered babies shake those diapered bottoms and watch them waddle around the house so here is a cute little pink diaper for you my sweet little baby boy. Lorraine 1-888-430-2010
July 6, 2009


Did you have such a good time that your so tired from this weekend that all you want to do is sleep.I just bet you are my little spanking baby you know i told you not to stay up so late now didn’t i. You have been a naughty baby for sure.Yes you know what is going to happen now hmmm. Stella
May 8, 2009


Someone is needing a bath after playing outside after the rain.Naughty little babies for sure coming into my nice clean kitchen after i had just cleaned it.And wanting cookies and milk don’t know what i am going to do with these naughty babies lol but i did give them cookies and milk.They sure do have some dirty little feet though lol. Ha how sweet it is to be young. Minnie
March 27, 2009


Found the perfect EASTER BASKET for my special someone for that occasion now you know i can’t tell you who it is i know i am being alittle naughty not telling my secret but i do have to keep something a secret from you diapered bottoms.Laughing come and see who gets my basket i might just keep it for myself think i should? Minnie
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