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May 27, 2008

Panty boys

So you have a panty fetish. What kind of panty fetish? Do you like mommies panties or do you like to have panties of your very own? Are you the naughty little one who gets caught in mommies panty drawer? *giggles* For those of you with panties of your very own, do you order them online? Or do you go out to the store and buy them? I personally, love a boy with a panty fetish. Even though I am my mommy’s diaper girl, sometimes I like to be a big girl and wear big girl panties. I also love picking out panties for naughty little boys and sissies. *giggles* I have lots and lots of panties, very color, pattern and texture you can think of. Next time you call, lt me know which ones are your favorites. *big smiles* Little Janey
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