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August 13, 2008

Every baby should have a big sister. When mommy goes out I get to take care of you. I love taking care of my baby brother. And when he does something that I know is going to make mommy mad, I help him stay out of trouble. But only if he promises to do what I say. *giggles* ~ Janey~
April 29, 2008

Showing Some Skin

You know what attracts young men and young ladies? Showing some skin.  I love the summer because I get to do just that, while I am out in my yard planting flowers or mowing the grass.  I can see all the young guys look at me and I just tease the heck out of them.  I love being my streets Naughty Soccer Mom, the MILF that everyone talks about.  It makes me feel just a little bit more sexier then what I usually do when I catch those glances coming my way.  Now it’s your turn, give me a call and hear why I’m the hottest Mom around on my street. Gina
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