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June 24, 2008

Big Baby Bottle

Now Mommy, does not approve of baby drinking alcohol. But I know some naughty lil babies who sneak when mommy is not looking. 😉 So, if you are going to insist on drinking things not approved my mom, you can, at least still drink from your baabaa. Mommy Josie
June 7, 2008

summer time with mommy

Hi there angel face. Mommy Robin is allll ready for some summer fun with you. I have that cute little pool for us to splash around in, and lots of sand toys to use in the sandbox. I love helping adult babies chase fireflies and pushing them on the swing. Won’t you spend some time with this Mommy? After a long day of hard playing Mommy will let you curl up in her lap and listen to me read you a story. WE can do anything baby wants to do. Mommy Robin
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