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June 11, 2016

Brattiness Part 1

As we had previously discussed our visit, I sort of knew what my little niece, Adult Baby Girl Alyssa wanted.  I proceeded to set up two chairs and had her sit in one while I sat across from her in the other and went to get the baby food and her bib.  I put the purple Tinkerbelle fairy Adult Baby Bib on her and then sat in the chair across from her. I opened the jar of vegetables and grabbed a nice spoon full as I made choo choo train noises to get it into her little mouth.  It was adorable watching her take the bites and swallow each spoonful.  I fed her a bottle between bites with apple juice.  I told her what a good baby girl she was being while feeding her and thought I heard her say, for now auntie.  Another spoonful of baby food went into her mouth and then all the sudden she spit it out covering my shirt, face and hair.  I was livid as I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled the vanity chair out and sat down in it while pulling her over my lap at the same time.  It was time to teach this little Adult Baby Girl some manners as I grabbed the hair brush off the vanity.  It was a nice heavy well […]
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