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March 26, 2017

Abdl Training Phone Sex!

I just had a particularly lovely call with one of my phone sex abdl babies.  I’ve decided to take his abdl training to another level and have him get a particular male chastity device for future use. Some little ones shouldn’t get too excited, should they? You can’t be expected to focus on being the best baby for me if you constantly get adult reminders. Especially when some of you babies out there can’t help but touch yourself when you get to feeling that good!  So this particular baby’s peepee is going to get tucked away to never be used again. We’re both hoping that after an unspecified time that eventually he will quit getting erections all together! I’m not sure if it will work that way, and besides, if it does I won’t need to keep it all tucked away will I? I have to say that I do like having that control over him…would you give me control over you? Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #malechastitydevice #femdom #abdltraining
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