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May 8, 2009


Someone is needing a bath after playing outside after the rain.Naughty little babies for sure coming into my nice clean kitchen after i had just cleaned it.And wanting cookies and milk don’t know what i am going to do with these naughty babies lol but i did give them cookies and milk.They sure do have some dirty little feet though lol. Ha how sweet it is to be young. Minnie
December 9, 2008

Winter Time

Brrr its winter time and time for snow and ice and snowball fights and sleigh rides and all kinds of fun.Hope all you little diapered babies have lots of fun in the snow i know i do.Just make sure you are bundled up and diapered nice thickly. Doris
September 5, 2008


oh i had a call the other day from a sweet little baby.we had one of the best time getting them all diapered up and then dressed like the sissy they wouldn’t you like to be dressed like the little sissy you want to be call me i will fix you right up there my little one. we mommies here at phoneamommy love to dress and take care of our little abies mommy lorraine
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