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August 20, 2008

Vacation Wishes

I thought I would share a personal picture with you that was taken on my last vacation. Remind me never to wear white while there is a brisk breeze blowing. I would love to take all of you with me the next time I go on vacation, of course, I would need all the other phone a mommies to come with me, because, let’s face it. If I took everyone, there is no way I could keep my eye on all of you. I hope you are have a glorious day where ever you are, and that you are happy and healthy. Love you all, Mommy Liz
July 22, 2008

Not JUST a helper

Someone came into the chatroom looking for a girl to be daddys sweet baby. We that is a role that I love to play. I love being cared for. And since I have a mommys in RL already it would be so nice to play with daddy. But this daddy was suprised. He had read my profile and thought that I only like being the mommys helper that I talk about on there. I just wanted to clear something up for those of you who do not alreadt know. On my bio I wrote about ONE of my favorite things to do. We cannot possibly fit all the things we like or have experience with on one bio. I love all kinds of role plays and I especially love variety. I am a switch so I like playing both mommy and baby roles. Sometimes as an AB I like to be a little bit older but on occasion it is fun to be a very small baby. I also like to play mommy, babysitter, sister, cousin, neighbor…there are so many different types of fantasies to imagine. So if you see a lady you like but she doesn’t mention your fantasy in her bio, that doesn’t mean she would not enjoy, try giving her a call and running it by her. You might be pleasantly suprised. […]
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